Client Example – Individual Blogger

bloggingThe simplicity of our system lends itself for uses that go beyond business. Anyone can use our blogging system to write and post articles about whatever they like.

This site uses our platform clearly for blogging as a hobby. The site features the easy to use capabilities of our software that can be used by even the most novice users. John is a wildlife aficionado writing about local wildlife in Toronto.

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Client Example – Small Business

SMALL BUSINESSWe have dealt with many clients in the past many times.

Our services are utilized by many types of clients.  Our blogging platform is ideal for small to large scale clients. Anything from regional, local businesses who want to communicate with their clients on a daily basis, to larger more established companies who run an integrated communications strategy. Our platform is also used by individual bloggers who write for fun.

Bed Bug 911

This clients wanted to have a platform to be able to post different types of articles about their daily operations regarding bed bug extermination. Through the easy to use blogging platform, the client is able to educate prospects and clients alike with informational articles about bed bugs, one of the most prolific pests in Toronto.

National Pest

This is our second pest control client :). The client required us to redesign their old informational portal to a modern HTML5 website. The main propose of the website is to provide information on pests in Canada via a easy-to-use menus and layouts. We used wordpress blogging platform with a clean theme, where we integrated all necessary functionality.


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Who Is Escalate

blogging softwareWhat is escalate all about? is a fully-owned subsidiary of GCIS and develops powerful websites and business blogging software that will truly empower any business.

We have  been responsible for the development of innovative and revolutionary new Internet technologies such as Businessblog, our revolutionary blogging platform, and Cargo Connexion, an innovative B2B transactional platform for the trucking industry. truly satisfies the needs of today’s global market place, by custom designing solutions that truly answer their direct needs. In addition to providing powerful blogging solutions that will help our clients better position their web sites, helps businesses build their brands and significantly increase their market shares, both at home and abroad.

All business solutions from are totally industry-independent and were carefully designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Increase your sales today, with our powerful Businessblog family of blogging solutions for today’s business needs. Become the innovator of your industry: start blogging for business and watch your sales grow.

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Blogging TechnologyBlogging Technology

No other high-tech company works as hard as to develop and integrate custom blogging technology working for businesses, organizations, large corporations and governments from all around the world. Our award-winning business blogging solutions can be custom-designed and integrated to any IT system. offers the full line of business blogging software and applications, content management software (CMS) packages and a host of other web-related solutions for today’s critical business needs. Additionally, and most importantly, all solutions offered by escalate were specifically designed for the major search engines in mind.

It is common knowledge now in the blogging industry that most major search engines such as Google, Alta-Vista, Yahoo and many of the others look as blogging as a normal day-to-day method of conducting new business, and will usually help their underlying websites to rank better in their SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages), independently if their sites were professionally optimized or not. Here is just a small sample of the many solutions offered by

Business Blog

Our award-winning Business Blog™ solutions are the most powerful and easy to use business blogging software on the market today. Specifically developed for businesses and companies of all sizes, our award-winning Business Blog™ technology will truly empower your company or organization. Experience tells us Business Blog™ will enable you to blog away anything you need to, either on your own web site, or using our Business Blog™ web publishing facility on the Internet. Whichever one your company chooses, they are both as easy to use and will really help your company and your sales team in its day-to-day marketing efforts.

On top of all that, Business Blog™ will save your staff and your marketing team some very valuable time, as we have incorporated many time-saving features, along with user-friendly menus and context-sensitive help. Business Blog™ is as easy to use as any other blogging software or product you may have tried in the past.

Web Content Manager

Companies should note that, contrary to many CMS (Content Management Software) packages available on the market today, Web Content Manager™ from escalate was designed specifically with the major search engines in mind. When CMS began to be popular at the end of 2000, some companies started developing CMS solutions that did just that: they were designed to be used in the management of content that was intended to be delivered to websites.

Experience tells us now that many of those CMS packages were clearly not developed with search engines in mind and many companies that used them had their websites either not listed or not ranked properly in Google and many other search engines. Web Content Manager™ solves all those problems. Web Content Manager™ was designed by a team of experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, web developers and Internet solutions programmers and integrators. On top of helping your search engines rankings, it will also do the job it was supposed to do and that is help you manage your web content.

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escalate.caEverywhere we look and in all industry segments today, business blogs are among some of the most popular and new methods of web publishing. We have the proof now that blogs can be used to significantly escalate traffic to any corporate web site, provided the right techniques and solutions are used. Additionally, that traffic can come from very targeted customers and new visitors.

Definition of Business Blogging:

A business blog is a frequently updated web site, where new and fresh content is posted on a daily basis, sometimes many times a day. To be effective, a good business blog needs to be posted chronologically. Experienced Business Bloggers post a lot of new information that is relevant to their sales prospects, actual customers, business associates, industry partners and even their suppliers as an effective and creative way to escalate their collective thinking that helps make a business more successful and increase its presence everywhere you look.

If updated many times a day, a good business blog will provide lightning-fast visibility to a company’s public information. Since the beginning of 2003, media coverage on business blogs and blogging in general has increased dramatically. As proof to all this, in February 2003, Google bought which happens to be a leading blog web site.

Additionally, Google is creating new search technology that will significantly help companies that have web sites, if they are in fact actively participating in business blogging. To really be successful and gain market share, companies and businesses are well advised to obtain the right web publishing tools and utilize the proper techniques used in blogging. is the unique answer to these critical web publishing needs.

Harvard Business School

It is estimated that by early 2004, over fifty percent of Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes will be actively engaged in all forms of business blogging, effectively adding blogs to their daily e-marketing toolbox. It could be said that some of the main reasons behind business blogging are higher search engine ranking, but for a very small cost. Well-known and respected Harvard Business School calls business blogging “varied and expertly articulated”.

With over seven long years of experience in Internet technology development and integration used in business, and combining over a whole year of experience in blogging software, is in a unique position to better help all its clients achieve the highest levels of ROI in business blogging solutions and web publishing software.

For a full demonstration of what a typical business blogging web site looks like and the many features and benefits a company can derive from it, you can visit a few of the sites we have recently built: – a regional company website that helps fight soil erosion with some advance methods and recommendations. – this site provides substantial information on web design and web marketing, they helped us to build online presence for our brand. – “must-visit” resource for people who like education and technology.

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Make More Sales by Starting a Business Blog

BUSINESS BLOGYou might be facing low sales on your online store despite having tried all of the tweaks on the site, hitting the social networking buzz, spreading the word of mouth, and what not- it is the right time to attempt a site. But stop before going any more. If you know nothing about blogging and you usually do not know just how to put it to use for increasing sales, you will scarcely find any rise in the sales. This is what might help:

Create a design but usually do not forget your brand: Everybody will tell exactly the same thing to you – create a visuallystunning website and customers will be attracted by it. However, if your design will not stick to theme and your brand colors, you might be not likely to see any long – term benefits from that website. Think about it in terms of yet another way to branch out yourbrand – hitting a new market and reaching new audiences. A website (for example maybe not representing a brand will soon vanish in the an incredible number of sites already present.

Choose the proper spot for the promotion: If you want visitors to click your promotion and go to your shop, you have to give an opportunity to them to achieve this. In the event that you put the promotions on a side or below your posts, it is likely that people will perhaps not even find them. Even when they do this, they will know for sure that it really is maybe not the most significant promotion for the blogger. Consequently, try placing most of your promotion on the top of your website and a healthy rise will be seen by you in sales.

Remind, remind, and remind: When somebody is on your website, you will need to remind about your promotions. Various techniques can be used by you to do this. Some blogger use an overlay that appears after certain time. This helps to ensure that the customer has some interest in the content and could grow to be a potential consumer. You should use the message to be got by other ways, such as widgets, across.

It’s going to give a wonderful opportunity to you to obtain attention from audiences. Your conversions will be seen by you climbing like no time before. Create Services and About Us page: People generally do not create Services and About Us page on a single website. Often, they provide a link to these pages. Consider having these pages directly on your site, if customers are wanted by you from your site. People generally do not create Services and an About Us page on a single website. Often, they provide a link to these pages. Consider having these pages directly on your site, if customers are wanted by you from your site.

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Using Telemarketing To Get New Clients

telemarketingFor large companies, the not known is some thing to be taken seriously. Even though a leap of faith in business deals and investments can be good every once in some time, it does create hazards that can ruin a company’ potentials when it happens. To prevent that, a shrewd entrepreneur would use all effort to cut back the not known and retrieve information crucial to a business’s survival. We askied Toronto telemarketing company about how their clients use telemarketing to generate business leads. The truth is that telemarketing is a  powerful instrument that can really enhance an advertising campaign.

Telemarketing, as a tool for company, surprisingly excels in solving this kind of concern. It is unanticipated, in terms of it being a very old advertising technique and the question of it still being relevant for the current times. But which should perhaps not function as the case. When it comes to effectiveness, professional telemarketing services have already been the greatest in the area. Telemarketers are known to provide results in a way that businesses would not help but appreciate its efficiency. Additionally, there are no doubts about its ability to turn the tide for a fighting company. Just how many cases have already been mentioned in which a firm was in a position to maximize their business potentials with the aid of advertising leads made by telemarketers?

Advertising leads really are a requirement for the increase of any company. No matter what sector they fit in with, often there is a need to make use of marketing strategies to enhance market share, in addition to better the opportunities of entering a new market. Each one of these can be achieved if the proper sort of advertising leads are employed by the firm. To make sure quality, it certainly pays to employ professional telemarketing firms that supply prospecting services. They will have the knowledge, the data, and the skill in judging whether a possibility is going to be rewarding or maybe not because of their customer. To generate leads is just a job that only professional telemarketers can perform.

It just stands to say appointment setting services, while there is business to business prospecting. What good are advertising leads, regardless of how competent these are, if no sale or closed deal would simply take place? This demands the abilities of telemarketers with expertise in appointment setting. This is actually the next phase in the advertising process, possibly the most significant. It really is because being able to make the sales pitch depends wholly on the readiness of a possibility to meet or listen to the company. If the prospect says no, then it is recognized as a lost chance. Appointment establishing services of professional telemarketing firms make sure that firms obtain the number of competent appointments for his or her customers.

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