Client Example – Small Business

SMALL BUSINESSWe have dealt with many clients in the past many times.

Our services are utilized by many types of clients.  Our blogging platform is ideal for small to large scale clients. Anything from regional, local businesses who want to communicate with their clients on a daily basis, to larger more established companies who run an integrated communications strategy. Our platform is also used by individual bloggers who write for fun.

Bed Bug 911

This clients wanted to have a platform to be able to post different types of articles about their daily operations regarding bed bug extermination. Through the easy to use blogging platform, the client is able to educate prospects and clients alike with informational articles about bed bugs, one of the most prolific pests in Toronto.

National Pest

This is our second pest control client :). The client required us to redesign their old informational portal to a modern HTML5 website. The main propose of the website is to provide information on pests in Canada via a easy-to-use menus and layouts. We used wordpress blogging platform with a clean theme, where we integrated all necessary functionality.


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